Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

This course provides the Lean Six Sigma quizzes, tests and certification exam based on the IASSC Universally Accepted Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge for Green Belts The IASSC BOK is provided as an outline of the scope of this Certification. We also align to the ASQ. **PLEASE READ** Certification Navigation and Details:
  • Each Phase of DMAIC has quizzes and a Tollgate Test aligned with the BOK
  • The Quizzes
    • Not timed
    • Can be taken an unlimited number of times
    • 80% passing grade
    • Can be taken in any order within the Phase
  • The Tollgate Tests
    • Not timed
    • May be taken twice only
    • 80% passing grade
    • Must follow the progression of DMAIC - (example: Can't skip to Improve if you haven't passed Measure)
  • The Certification Exam
    • Timed 3 hours
    • May be taken once only
    • 80% passing grade
    • All Tollgate Tests must be passed to take Certification Exam
    • Just under 200 questions
    • You may pause the cert exam by clicking out of the test (back to course or another module)
Good luck!! and we will see you at the end to celebrate your certification!
· February 28, 2022