“Bona Fide Certifications exists for one reason only – to provide training and certification to the front line leaders and problem solvers of manufacturing and industrial organizations.” – Jason Merschat, President and CEO of Advanced Process Optimization, Inc.

We have launched Bona Fide Certifications with the most desperately needed training packages such as Front Line Leadership Training. In our experience we find many individuals who are promoted from the hourly ranks tend to have little or no formal training to deal with managing people and situations and were typically field promoted based on their technical prowess. We solve this training gap by providing targeted, essential training to your Front Line Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers.

With Bona Fide Certifications you can be certain that you or your leaders will have a great foundation to lead their teams

Stay tuned for more great resources such as Eight Discipline (8D) Problem Solving, Lean Manufacturing, and Six Sigma Courses. Our Bona Fide Lean Six Sigma Certifications will stand up to any challenges and serve you well throughout your career.